FinishLynx, RadioLynx, IDLynx: Time for Your Spring Tune-Up

Track season is right around the corner and it is time for your spring equipment tune up. Amazing how many of our FinishLynx System customers do not get out the camera and other FinishLynx equipment and give it a test run, make sure it is all present and get it ready to go in time for us to easily order any replacement parts, schedule a repair, or add to the system.

Certainly we will try to work with you no matter how short the time frame to get your Lynx System and related parts ready and present when you need them, but here are some suggestions:

1. start by downloading the most recent software —

a. FinishLynx has released version 8 software. (download :: release notes)

b. Hytek (3.0 release – upgrade pricing applies, contact us for a price), RaceTab (link – always free and powerful) or other meet management software of your choosing.

c. Printer drivers. At the meet is not the time to realize you switched computers and you don’t have the driver.

d. USB to serial driver or other peripheral drivers.

2. Carefully check all cables! Make sure that your ethernet cables have solid ends on them (tip: we use an end-to-end ethernet cable connector and plug both ends of the cable into it — this protects the plastic tab so that it won’t get pulled off in transport or storage — if you would like us to ship you one, contact us for the price). Make sure that your power cable is not frayed. Assure yourself that you have all cables by actually plugging everything in.

3. Power up the system and run a few test races to be sure you have everything you need and that all is as it should be. Be sure to actually connect your machines if you intend to run to machines side by side via serial cable, or via network.

4. Consider if now is the time for a refresher — you forgot something, your side kick whiz no longer can make this year’s meets, whatever. We offer training by the hour, half day or day. Contact us to schedule your refresher!

By taking these simple steps now you will realize that you lost your start sensor — seriously do you have your start sensor? — and everything else you need? Lynx System Developers gets very busy the next few weeks, so now is the time. If you need something let us know so we can get you a price quote and get the order in and then back timely.

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