IsoLynx – Too Much or Just Right?

IsoLynx is the “lastest and greatest” technology out from the good people at Lynx System Developers. Want to buy one? Just ask us, as we sell FinishLynx and other Lynx System Developer products and we’d love to help you get the latest and greatest … or just the normal things you need in the spring.

Here is what IsoLynx does:

  • You put receivers around your stadium or building.
  • Each athlete wears a transponder on their shoulder emitting a uhf signal.
  • The system tracks the whereabouts of the athlete and can actually tell you their speed, rate of acceleration, velocity and other information.
  • A robotic camera system can actually isolate and track each athlete.

Amazing, expensive and interesting. But is it too much technology? Does it add or detract from the basic simplicity of a track meet? You tell us — we aren’t sure. But I do know we would love to sell one in your facility so we can decide together. So come on, what are you waiting for?

Here are more details in the FAQ on IsoLynx.

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2 Responses to IsoLynx – Too Much or Just Right?

  1. Jamie kelly says:

    It’s expensive and you aren’t sure whether it detracts from the experience…and then you say you would like to sell me one? What kind of a pitch is that?

    • Michiana Timing says:

      It is an honest pitch … the only way we do business. It is a lot of technology for the average facility and really cool in the right application. My goal is to honestly think about and discuss the benefits of IsoLynx. Is it the greatest thing since sliced bread? Maybe in the right context. And maybe not in the wrong context.