Chip Timing with IPICO

We are proud to offer the IPICO Chip Timing Systems. We also sell these systems as part of our FinishLynx line of products.

IPICO is a mat system with several highly effective chip timing solutions:

  • a re-useable shoe tag – less expensive, green and a wonderful option for many events
  • a one time use shoe tag – these are great because they can be customized to the event, they can be used as a key fob keepsake and you can put a sponsor logo on them
  • a bib ring – a one time use adhesive solution that affixes to the back of the bib

The IPICO system is awesome when you desire a start and finish chip time and for tri’s and other type of events with multiple reads. It is portable, runs on battery for long periods of time and is very accurate.

We typically generate scrolling results by age group on a continuing basis throughout the event.

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