Other Timers

We hope to obtain your business. However sometimes a different company may be a better fit, be closer to your location or we may simply have a date conflict.

Links to other timers in Michigan with whom we often partner:
A2 Race Management
Epic Race Timing
RotPac Timing

Other States:
GC Racing – Washington

Links to other Jaguar System Chip Timers we know by State/Province/Country:
Arizona: Ready Set Grow
California: Global Biorhythm Events, Inc., also OR
California: Race Day Timing
California: South Valley Endurance Timing, also NV and OR
Colorado: BCRacetiming, also Rocky Mountain Region
Florida: Milestone Race Authority, also SE US
Florida: Warrior Race Timing, also AL, GA, SC, NC
Kentucky: 3 Way Racing
Maryland: Running Maryland, LLC, also DC, DE, PA, VA
Minnesota: Race Place Timing
Montana: Montana Timing
Nevada: OrangeSky Events
Nevada: Elemental Running & Training, also UT, CA, AZ
New York: Island Timing
North Carolina: Blue Mountain Revival Productions, also SC
North Carolina: It’s Go Time (Wilmington)
North Carolina: Precision Race (Raleigh), also SC, VA, WV, GA, MD, DC
Ohio: Cleveland Plays Racing
Ohio: Chaney Event Management
Pennsylvania: Spectra Sport
South Carolina: Go Green Timing, also NC, GA
Virginia: Commonwealth Timing
Washington (State): Across the Line Timing
Wisconsin: Tortoise and Hare Timing

Lynx System – Finish Lynx Fully Automatic Timing:
We regularly time track and field events and many other events using our FAT Timing System. We are Hy-Tek Authorized Independent Timing Contractors (as well as FinishLynx Dealers). As such, we are members of the ITC list at Hy-Tek:
List of HY-TEK Authorized Independent Timing Contractors for Track & Field

Links to sites listing timers:
List of Links: Playmakers.com
List of Links: RunMichigan.com
List of Links: Run-Down of Timing Companies Nationwide

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