Upgrade your FinishLynx FAT Camera to Color from Black and White Today

You can and we would be happy to help you, so give us a call today!  The process will involve shipping your camera back to the factory but we can help coordinate that and sell you the upgrade.  Please use our contact link and give us your school, the serial number of your Lynx Software if available.

Now let’s first get radical!  For the same price exactly as the color upgrade you can instead add the IdentiLynx frontal camera instead.  I’m going to suggest that if you can only do one, this may be a better option because:

1. you then have color when you need it on the frontal camera

2. you can see lanes when there is an issue clearly on the frontal camera because you can roll forward or backward a frame at a time until they have their foot on the ground in a lane

3. black and white pictures are some of the clearest pictures you will ever see — usually very sharp

4. you will love the IdentiLynx frontal images in the distance races — I mean love and you can also use it for a small road race or cross country meets to get fast accurate times

So before you make the leap to color, call or email us and discuss the relative advantages of upgrading your current black and white Finish Lynx Fully Automatic Timing Camera to color vs buying an IdentiLynx Frontal Camera.

We look forward to helping you with your camera decision.  Buy from someone who uses it to time over 100 events a year.  We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk and can give practical front line advice to help you get the most from your budget dollars.

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