Chip Timer Reminds me: I thought that I would never see a suit to compensate a tree …

Today while looking at other sites I came across this timing company website for Timing is Everything. There site is more eclectic than ours you could say (perhaps until now) and near the bottom it has this:

Ode To A Tree Found this in some information given to me by one of my aunts on my Dad’s side. Heartwarming.

I must admit that when I clicked on the link I expected to see a copy of my favorite lawsuit of all time, Fisher v Lowe. I was wrong.

Ironically I came upon this by searching for Chicago Chip Timing results on google … otherwise known as random surfing. Lately we have been quoting a lot of chip timed finishes and race timing and management projects in the greater Chicago, Napierville, Joliet and other locations in the northwest Illinois market. We definitely consider northern Illinois to be within our service area even though our name is a combination of Michigan and Indiana. We find that people are happy to have us travel to handle their race results and chip timing because of the premium experience we offer to their competitors. And actually Chicago is much closer to our South Bend office than more than half of Michigan is to our Grand Rapids office — and we don’t hesitate to go anywhere in Michigan.

So with that I offer this: I thought that I would never see a chip timer who was a rhymer, he … or something like that. We don’t actually rhyme while we time, we just get your results done accurately. Contact us today if we can be helpful to you.

Have a timing poem? Leave a comment so we’ll all know.

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