The Value of IdentiLynx used with FinishLynx FAT Timing Systems is proud to be an authorized reseller of both FinishLynx FAT Timing Systems as well as IPICO Chip Timing Systems.

In today’s video I wish to demonstrate how to set and use time tracking so that you can see both a frontal and side image of finishers in a track or cross country race.

Here is the video:

Time Sequenced IdentiLynx and EtherLynx FinishLynx Images

Time Sequenced IdentiLynx and EtherLynx FinishLynx Images

For people who have a black and white FinishLynx system such as a Bronze Track and Field Package, it is often a much better idea to invest in an IdentiLynx (IDLynx for short) as it will add color views to your black and white system for less than the cost of upgrading to color.

IdentiLynx currently comes in 30 fps, 60fps pro XS (extra speed) or 30 fps pro XR (extra resolution). You can also use IdentiLynx cameras independent of a side camera if you wish, setting an active area of the image to trigger when it records.

If you would like to purchase any FinishLynx or LynxSystem product or an IPICO RFID Timing product I hope you will call on use using the contact us link above.

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