Results for Rock the World 5K – 6-30 and 7-1, 2012

Here is a version 4 correcting for a few folks with wrong age groups, genders or starting waves. Let us hear from you if you believe there is any issue.

Rock the World Combined Two Day Overall v4

Rock the World Womens v4

Rock the World Mens v4

We added 4 hours to all times under 25:00.  Likely something occurred that caused you to have a time under 25, off course, wrong wave time assigned, etc. This is not meant as a penalty but rather to allow the other times to show at the top. Times over 20 hours started before they were scheduled to start. Please advise us of your correct start time to receive your result.

Please use the contact link so we can correct your result if there is any issue.  Please give us your name, day you ran, bib, wave you started in and expected approximate time.  Thanks.


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