MITCA Power Rankings 2011

The MITCA Team State meet will be held on May 28, 2011. It pits the best teams in Michigan against each other in a unique format that values full team strength over individual star power.

Invitations to the meet come in one of two ways:
1. Regional Champions are invited.
2. Top Power Ranked teams are invited.

To be considered for a power ranking invitation you must participate in the power rankings. Full details of the power ranking process are described here:

We are using Power Rankings for the second season to determine some of the invites to the MITCA Team State Championships to be held on May 28, 2011.

Last week was intended to be the first ranking week, but due to insufficient data, we held for another week.

Entries are due by Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. (new later time to allow Tuesday meets to be used).

Step One:
You must find the proper meet for your Division and add it to your
calendar on

Step Two: Enter athletes in each event using the “register athlete” link on the respective meet page. YOU MUST ENTER A SEED TIME unless one is already present in the system that is satisfactory. If you are entering a hand time, add an “a” after it like 11.34a to avoid conversion/rounding to a hand time. We will score the meet based on SEEDING marks entered. DO NOT ENTER RESULTS IN THIS MEET — it isn’t a real meet so it should have no results entered in it. Last week many of you added the meet to your calendar but you did not enter athlete in the events.

Enter 3 athletes in each event. Enter no athlete in more than four events (an that includes relays — so if an athlete is in a relay seed time that counts as one of their events).

Step Three: Wait until about Thursday and assuming we have sufficient entries we will produce the power rankings for you.

Each week we will move the date of this “virtual meet” up a week and your entries from the prior week will carry forward so that on a weekly basis you will simply have to make minor jiggles and update marks as necessary.

The rankings will appear each week at

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2 Responses to MITCA Power Rankings 2011

  1. David Pike says:

    It’s 9:32pm on Tuesday 4/26/2011 and the entries are closed.

    • Michiana Timing says:

      Oops mistake there missed the new deadline on one division — just opened it back up plus a few minutes. Sorry David.