Lynx Window Layouts – a white paper about Lynx FAT Software

We often like to mix up the window layout of our Lynx software. Here is a white paper that should help any user to create their own window layout so that the FinishLynx Ethernet Cameras and IdentiLynx Cameras will all have appropriate space on the screen when evaluating images.lynx-ipico-how-to-adjust-window-size-four-windows-v2

The sample used is expecially helpful when you are doing a distance race, cross country race, or road race combining both IPICO Chip Timing and FinishLynx Fully Automatic Timing Equipment.

Here is the link to the pdf white paper:
Lynx Software Window Layout White Paper

Thanks to Brian Sparacino of Yen Timing, Phil Logan of Perfect Timing and Benji Durden of Running Bears for their assistance on this topic. Also Brian ran with an idea I had to create a dynamic Window Layout tool. You can test the latest version of that here:

As of this date it is still a work in progress so you may have to make some minor tweaks.

If you have a favorite layout please leave a comment with your settings so that others may see what you like to use. Thanks!

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