Lynx 8.03 – Better, Faster, Stronger Software to run your FinishLynx 2000+ including the Bronze Package

If you own a FinishLynx 2000 or 2000+ FAT Camera, you may have missed the May 2011 release of version 8.03 of the software. Now is the time to get your copy. One of the best reasons to upgrade from the Scholastic Package to the Bronze or higher is to get the full power of Lynx software, including the ability to run plug-in software like the truly powerful Auto-Capture.

Released in May of 2011, many operators were too busy taking FAT images at conference and championship track meets to notice. However it offers some advances that you may well enjoy!

[HINT – the good stuff is in the next paragraph – skip this unless you use specific external devices…]
A number of the improvements are for a specific item outside of the Lynx System Developer’s family of products to permit smoother or better interfacing. Those are:

  • TagHeuer CP 540 LapTime support is now included.
  • LapTime devices like the The Tag Heuer CP 540, Chronelec is 2008, and IPICO now have standard TCP port numbers.
  • There are two new scoreboard fields for the Chronelec system.
  • It added “Gill 6 Digit.lss” script.

[Now the good stuff!]
With the release of Lynx 8.0.3 some good things our way come.

Here are the best points of this release:
1. Improved error code reporting for more efficient trouble-shooting. This has been an issue for a long time – generic messages aren’t all that helpful. Nice improvement.

2. The reported “type” of COM port (as reported by Windows) is now displayed in parenthesis after the port name in the drop-down lists. This one is awesome! We keep a copy of the hardware control on our desktop so we can try to figure out what COM port has the button timer on it for example. Ditto if we are using a serial connection with two computers running Lynx and HyTek. No more. Now it shows what COM port is which. Really nice improvement.

3. You can now open events that are missing image files. Sometimes the image file gets lost if you are moving files about. This is a great feature for those unusual moments when you need to get the file open and work on it.

Overall nothing earth shattering, and yet great improvements in the software needed to run your FinishLynx Camera.

MichianaTiming is a FinishLynx dealer. We sell software, hardware, and we provide training to get you to the next level of skill in your operation. Give us a call today if you are in need of upgrading your FinishLynx equipment or skills. If you have a Scholastic Package, consider upgrading to the Bronze. The beauty of Lynx is that it is modular and can always be upgraded.

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