FinishLynx Tips and Tricks: recover from a missed start time

Occasionally a start time is missed on the system. For a championship meet, the event should be recalled, but for many other events, a hand time could suffice.

An alert operator will know immediately and can set a manual start (click on the manual start icon) and immediately hit the space bar. Whether or not you get a manual clock going, be sure to capture your image of the finishers.

Manual Start Icon

Manual Start Icon

Before doing anything else, if the start was done with RadioLynx Wireless, push the resend button on that unit BEING CAREFUL THAT THE START SENSOR IS NOT BUMPED EVEN SLIGHTLY. There is a memory of one, and often the start will come on a resend. You must do this before the next race.

Assuming you still have no time, even after attempted recovery from the RadioLynx, then obtain a hand time on any athlete in the field. Place your timing cursor on the chest of the timed athlete and then select, Event > Image Start from the main toolbar. This has the effect of making that athlete’s time 0.000.

Next click on Results > Filters and tick the offset button and enter the hand time of the athlete you are evaluating at zero in the prior step as the offset. Click okay and re-evaluate the first athlete in the heat. All times will snap to relative and correct hand times based off of the one timed athlete.

Of course these will then be hand times and cannot simply be integrated with FAT times. However, if they are in a non-scoring heat, for example, they may well suffice.

For many championship meets one should consider redundancy in start signals, for example using one RadioLynx Wireless and one hard wired start sensor. Or run two RadioLynx units on separate channels.

Missed Start Recovery

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