Connecting an Hytek Results Computer to a Lynx FAT Computer

This is one of the most rewarding things you can do for larger events.

We find however that doing so can sometimes be problematic.

We have two solutions that work well:
1. a serial connection between the two computers – simple (usually) and very easy, but the transfer takes more than a few seconds for larger meets. The most common problem we find is installation of the prolific usb-to-serial driver can be the dickens in some cases. If you have previously tried with a Win7 computer and just cannot get it to work right (an 8020 error persists), first disconnect the usb converter. Next run the uninstaller (here is the link, open the file called “read me first” first …). Last, with the usb-to-serial converter and only the converter — DO NOT HAVE THE SERIAL CABLE PLUGGED IN — reinstall. In most cases that will fix what ales you.

2. use an ethernet lan connection. The problem with this is usually file permissions. All computers must be on the same homegroup if there are various versions of Window like XP and 7. Rob is available to consult on these issues. Email him at rob@ our domain name (see the url).

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