2011 Grand Haven Patriot’s Day Results – Grand Haven

Here are links for today’s event. This is a second set. We missed printing the name of a finisher in the prior results and had one young lady entered in the male division. We appreciate hearing from them so that we could double check their finish results.

Grand Haven Patriots Day Run Overall 2011 – version 2

We apologize for the delay in age group results today! We always seek to deliver immediate results.

Grand Haven Patriots Day Run Final Age 2011 – version 2

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3 Responses to 2011 Grand Haven Patriot’s Day Results – Grand Haven

  1. Aubrie Deal says:

    I ran in the Grand Haven Patriots Day Race and placed 2nd in my age group (girls 10 and under), however I was listed as a boy. Can this be corrected? (Bib 227)

  2. Helen Dotson says:

    I have checked the results and found they do NOT include the results for my finish nor do they include the person that finished with me. I am VERY disappointed by this. YES, I walked the 5K and was nearlythe last to finish but to not have the results included at all is disappointing after paying for the event. We finished around just over 60 minutes, and it appeared that all the timing equipment was still in operation so I do not understand why there would be no results at all. Please comment. Thanks – Helen

    • Michiana Timing says:

      Hi Helen,

      Thank you for letting us know. They ran the fun run through the chute and a couple of walkers were not picked up in the rush of kids having fun. We worked hard to pick out all walkers in the crowd at that point.

      I will be in touch very shortly after I have a chance to review the data that is on another computer.