Lake Cadillac Team Marathon Plus

Here are the results from today’s race:

Individual Results:

10K Results
Half Marathon Results
Marathon Results

Team Results:

Coed Age Group Results
Female Age Group Results
Male Age Group Results

Team Results with Individual Splits (Male, Female, and Coed)

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4 Responses to Lake Cadillac Team Marathon Plus

  1. Matt Royalty says:

    Can you please update your results to the correct date? Since this is a USATF certified course that information is required for certain races.

    • Michiana Timing says:

      I believe all dates are reflected correctly at this time. Let me know if you observe something different Matt. Thanks!

  2. Shannon Winkle says:

    Hi! I received a flyer for this event with a date of June 28, was the date changed??? Im bummed, we really wanted to do this!

    • Michiana Timing says:

      Unfortunately, yes, it was rescheduled this year. They tried to get that word out. Sorry they missed letting you know and hopefully you will be back next year on the “traditional” date.