Finish Lynx Products – FAT Timing Systems and Accessories

If you are interested in purchasing the best Fully Automatic Timing equipment on the market, we are the source. We offer sales at competitive prices, backed by training and instruction.

Most common purchase:
A FAT FinishLynx Camera package including a tripod, geared head, lens, cabling, and Lynx software necessary to operate it.

Most common hardware upgrade:
People love RadioLynx wireless remote start systems — no more moving cable from start to start. However, that is rapidly being overtaken by IdentiLynx Frontal Camera Systems. These frontal cameras are available in two resolutions that allow you to read school names and bib numbers. For those with black and white FinishLynx systems, this is a great upgrade as it gives you color and frontal for about the same price as a color camera upgrade for your main system. They are completely time sequenced with the finish line camera.

Most common software upgrade:
This one is simple, the AutoCapture Plug-in that allows you to capture finish pictures automatically. Once you enable capture you can say good bye to your button capture plunger and you get a nice picture of each finisher as they cross triggered by the motion sensors.

We see a lot of systems that gather dust — get away from that and start using your camera by adding the right accessories and let us train your operators to get you to the next level.

FinishLynx Special: Our Bronze Plus Package, includes introductory training sufficient to allow you to run a meet, the Bronze System (black and white camera, two start cables with a transducer, tripod, carrying case, software, auto-capture plug-in). Just add a computer and printer and you are ready to go. Contact us for your personal quote today.

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