MITCA Team State Power Rankings

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  1. Shawn Hulin says:

    do you want times rounded to the tenth. last week I saw that you did and in these instructions the time 11.34a is not rounded. also, you said the regional champion is invited, but in the past it has also been the 2nd place team. which is it?

    • Michiana Timing says:

      Hand times should be rounded to the tenth.

      FAT times should be reported exactly and then an a affixed.

      Three years ago was the first time that second place teams were invited at my suggestion. Second place teams were waiting around waiting for first place teams to decide and then it was too late in the week for second place teams to come. This worked well.

      Power rankings have essentially replaced this concept and now it will be regional champions and the top twelve power ranked teams.

      Full rules are here:

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