2015 MITCA Team State Meet – Power Ranking and Meet Information

The 2015 MITCA Team State Meets will again be a featured event for some of the best D1, D2, D3 and D4 track and field teams.

For 2015 teams can only qualify by either a) winning their regional, or b) being power ranked.
Exact qualifications procedures are subject to committee review and approval at this time, but last year the top power ranked teams and all regional winners were invited. The number invited may be adjusted slightly to perhaps tighten the 2015 fields.

Power ranking is completed using Athletic.net. You enter three athletes per event being careful to not enter an athlete in more than four total events. All times entered must be ACTUAL MEET PERFORMANCES except that you may deduct the split of an athlete not running the relay from a relay time and substitute a different person in one leg. This is because often your relay may have run with an athlete entered in four other events for the power ranking.

There are four different meets on athletic.net — you join the proper one and then enter your athletes the same as you would in any other meet — you do NOT ENTER MEET RESULTS in these meets — you enter the athletes in the meet using seed times that are appropriate.

T-Shirts and concessions are available at each of the sites.

At the MITCA Team State Championships, each team enters three athletes in each of the 17 events contested and each and every athlete is scored. Timing and scoring at all most venues will be done by MichianaTiming.com using FinishLynx FAT Cameras with Hytek Meet Management Software. Results will be available in near real time throughout the competition and at the end of the day a state team champion will be crowned in each division for those meets that we time.

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14 Responses to 2015 MITCA Team State Meet – Power Ranking and Meet Information

  1. Kevin Spotts says:

    The boys of Hamilton did not receive an email, is that coming at a later date. The girls of Hamilton have received an invite.

  2. Josh Scholma says:

    Western Michigan Christian has received no email for boys or girls. Can another one be sent?

  3. Mark Carlton Sand Creek Girls Coach says:

    Sand Creek girl’s D4 haven’t received an invitation ,but are planning on attending. I sent an email last night, but haven’t received a reply.

  4. Michiana Timing says:

    All coaches emails in athletic.net were sent the invite information. Dozens received it and obviously a few did not. If you did not, check your email address in athletic.net and be sure that it is accurate. One didn’t have his/her email in there and was entering using someone else’s account — problem explained. :-)

    Second, check your spam boxes and white list us.

    In any event if you are listed in the top 16 you are invited. Let us know please if you are coming by email to events at michianatiming dot com and please also send a copy to aj at michianatiming dot com.

  5. Paige Rochacz says:

    I am a parent, not coach. Is there anyway to get a timeline of events for D2 for Saturday? We are trying to make our arrangements.

  6. Kris James says:

    I am one of the coaches at Breckenridge, we have accepted and entered our lineup on A-net, however, none of us have recieved any information about the meet itself, such as time, weight in, etc.

  7. Dave Madrigal says:

    I just want to say Thank-you for providing this Track meet to our athletes! I am still learning about this process, but find it very enjoyable and exciting… If I can be of any assistance, just ask. Thanks again! Coach Madrigal- Durand XC/Track

  8. Travis Pertner says:

    I think your spreadsheet of attending teams has some errors for regional winners in D-2 girls. I know that Hamilton and Williamston both won their regionals.

  9. Gearl Digg says:

    Will there be video taping of the meet? Can the taping be acquired or purchase. Will there be a designated photographer shooting the event. I am unable to attend but, I though I would check if someone is documenting and covering this meet. I may want copies of the the meet and/or photos of several teams.

    • Michiana Timing says:

      Media attends regularly and shoots, but no there is no official photography at this particular meet.

  10. Steve says:

    Where will the real time scores be published?