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In addition to the normal live results that are at http://michianatiming.com/live/ we will also be updating results from this page:
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small event finish line

A great line-up of spring fun is coming! Check out our calendar or sign up for one of the events.

Michiana Timing provides full timing services for a multitude of events including:

  • Track and Field: Fully Automated Timing Systems by FinishLynx
  • Cross Country – Small: Manual bib pull or wristband timing system at affordable pricing
  • Cross Country – Medium/Large: FinishLynx FAT System with IdentiLynx Video or Chip Timing with real time results
  • Road Race/Road Run: Bib Tag Timing Systems with real time results, we offer options for no mats to trip on, disposable bib tags or re-useable chips for the cost and environmentally conscious race director
  • Bike Racing: RFID System with real time results, chips can be placed on helmet, bike plate or frame
  • Triathlons: Ankle Band Chip System fully submersible with transition splits and results.
  • Mud Runs and other adventure series races: We offer a multitude of chip options with real time results

Our primary service areas are west, central and north Michigan, northern and middle Indiana, northern Illinois. We have primary locations in Grand Rapids, MI and South Bend, IN. We regularly work in other locations including recently in Washington, Kentucky, and Wisconsin. We will travel anywhere if your need for services supports our participation in your event.

We have years of event management experience at the middle school, high school, collegiate, community, and open levels. Our pricing is always competitive for the services provided, but it is not about price, it is about service!

Want to discuss having us provide fast accurate results at your event? Call or email today.
Phone: 616-821-3156
Email: events@michianatiming.com

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