Used Cameras For Sale

We have several used Finish Lynx cameras available for resale. All were used during the 2022 track season and all are believed to be working as of the ship date.

Each camera is sold as is. It will be transferred from prior user to and you will receive a letter of Provenance from indicating that you purchased the camera. They do not have the lens, but a used lens can be added for cost of the lens minus ten percent.

We are handling each camera for a 3rd party custoer. They may have already disposed of the camera and thus our agreement is not binding until we receive funds AND confirm continued availability. These are all originally a school or organization camera that is known to our user and our customers are known to us as reputable timers.

Price will include shipping without insurance. You bear the risk of loss in shipping. If you want insurance, we will add that at your cost. Purchase must be paid by check, ach, or credit card (with a 3% processing fee if by card).

We can make any of these a “package” and include the standard bronze or silver package items with the camera (tripod, cords, c-box). There is of course a slight cost for that, but still less than the package would have cost you. You will pay to ship on the additional items.

Request the camera via our google form which will be open for approximately 24 hours. Links will appear below when available.

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