MiHS at Allendale High School

Seventh annual Michigan Independent High School Championships (MiHS).

For teams that are not MHSAA Tournament Eligible — this is your chance to compete for MiHS All State Individual honors and for the Team Championship and Runner-Up Trophies.

The Seventh Annual Michigan Independent Cross Country Championship will be at Allendale High School on Saturday, October 28, 2017.

It will be held AFTER the conclusion of MHSAA Regionals on that date and it is in no way related to that event.

We will have plaques for the Champion and Runner-Up programs of each gender. We will have medals for the top fifteen MiHS All-State finishers.

Cost is $80 per team (both genders included). There is NO DAY OF REGISTRATION for this event. Athletes will be timed and results posted on-site and on-line. There is also a $5 per person admission charge to the grounds that day, maximum of $15 per car max, so car pool.

Who is eligible: any program made up of kids in grades 6th-12th enrolled in a high school program but who are not at a school that offers MHSAA Cross Country. If you have athletes who attend a school where the sport is offered but for some reason they are not part of their school team then they may NOT run in this event. They are welcome in the PROM which is an open race. Likewise your K-5th athletes are welcomed in the PROM Race but should not be entered in this race.

You can run as many kids as you have — you are not limited to seven and you do NOT need to pre-declare scoring athletes.

This is intended to give a championship meet to athletes who could not have participated in the MHSAA Tournament because of the school that they attend.

Make all checks payable to the Allendale High School. Questions contact don AT michianatiming DOT com.

See this link for time schedule and other details on this regional meet:



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